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Underwater jet massage



When is it recommended?


It can be primarily applied in degenerative lesions of the joints and of the musculoskeletal system, where the main objective is to normalize muscle tone and improve circulation.

It can be applied
in musculoskeletal diseases,
post-arthritis conditions,
peripheral circulatory disorders,
to increase blood and lymphatic circulation.

It can be used following traumatic injuries during the rehabilitation or to increase the physical fitness of weaker patients.




During an underwater jet massage, the entire body of the guest, except for the head, is located under the water, and during the treatment the body is massaged with an underwater jet.

During the treatment the effects of the water are beneficial and the guests can also enjoy the massaging from the jets.

Hence hyperaemia appears in the treated area, the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the tissues improves, the cell metabolism is accelerated, blood pressure is reduced, and muscle tension and muscle tone are reduced.

Massage dissolves muscle adhesions and contributes to increase the range of motion of the joints. The effect of this type of massage is significant because the muscles fully relax in the tepid or warm bath. The relaxed muscles allow the waterjet to go deeper. Even with a low-pressure water jet and a suitable spray head, we can achieve a gentle, painless, in-depth massage.


15 minutes

Important information: Available upon medical prescription-only.