About the Bath

Virtual tour of the bath

Indoor pools Temperature
Thermal pool38 °C
Plunge pool with thermal water42 °C
Plunge pool with cold water16 °C
Leisure pool with aqua bar36 °C
Training pool32 °C
Children pool32 °C
Outdoor pools 
Leisure pool (only in summer)
32-36 °C
Swimming pool26 °C
Children pool (only in summer)32 °C

Water composition

Hot spring water with calcium, magnesium, hydrogen-carbonate and chloride, also containing sodium and with a substantial amount of fluorid ions.


This is the youngest open-air bath of Budapest. The establishment of an open-air bath at this site was made available by the well-borings to a depth of 1,735 m performed in 1965, from which water of a temperature of 70°C and with a yield of 1,000 litre/min spouted up at that time. The bath itself was built in 1989. The up-to-date pools, equipped with water filtering and revolving devices, located in cultured surroundings converted into a park offer high-level opportunities for recreation. In 2016 a covered unit was built with new pools and saunas. At the moment visitors can use 9 pools at the bath.